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David Werth

The Site

This site will be, hopefully, and constantly evolving creature. Like us, too, hopefully. For now the site will have just my artwork and photography on it. I would like to gather other artists who would like to get exposure that might want to come along for the ride. So many of us artists got way back into (in my case) or stepped up the game on their art during the last year and I’d like to see it and share it. I will have things for sale. And I can provide resources for fulfillment and process payments and handle all the logistics of it and send you your profit after the sales are complete. Or I can simply market your work along with mine and whoever else wants to group together. I am completely fascinated with Surrealism, I think most people who know me at all know I’ve been a Dali freak since I was in like 3rd grade. I also gravitate towards Pop-Art, Pop-Surrealism, Trash polka, Steampunk, Decopunk, Dieselpunk so that’s what my orbit will look like, but that doesn’t mean your art needs to.


The Artwork

Most of the work on this site CAN be sold on almost anything. I plan to focus on limited edition prints on canvas, aluminum, and acrylic board. But there are lots of options available and a custom item or print that isn’t currently offered is not out of the realm of possibility. There are some pieces I have that just seem to make better note/greeting cards than a print necessarily, but that doesn’t mean we CAN’T do it, if that’s what tickles ya. Originals will probably be on sale periodically, but not very often. And commissioned work is also on the table. If you are currently a commissioning client, there will be a link to the client portal where you can view and share notes and feedback, or upload files if that’s what I need from you. email me in the meantime if you don’t yet see a client login link. (I’ll link these actual words as well once it’s ready)

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