Custom Pop Surreal Pet, People, Cars & House Portraits

Have a one-of-a-kind portrait done of a person, pet, car or house for you or someone else. It makes a great gift. You can purchase the deposit right here to secure your place in the schedule and start the creative process in motion. Artwork includes a signed and Official Seal-marked C.O.A. (Certificate Of Authenticity).

You will have your choice of the artwork printing on Fine Art Archival paper, Gallery Wrap canvas, glass, aluminum or acrylic board. All options will be printed with archival/museum quality inks and materials. It will always be the highest quality materials and ink available at the time. You may also chose for us to frame it or not.

As soon as the purchase of this deposit is completed, you will receive 2 emails, a receipt and a link to my meeting availability schedule which you can then book the soonest possible available meeting time to discuss the details and the timeline. This meeting is scheduled in 30 minute-block but can be faster.

Also, should the timeline require the final piece be after what ever holiday celebration date you have, we have a small package that explains what they are getting so that you can still hand the person a gift on that day.

If you have any questions or concerns, you may call or txt me at 954-522-7470 or email me at

Thank you!


If you have successfully completed the checkout process, keep an eye out for an email  from us containing a link to schedule our initial meeting to discuss more details about your custom artwork.

Do you like a piece or art but don’t see it in the shop? Well don’t you worry, any photograph or pieces artwork can be printed on various materials and sizes. If a piece is only available in the limited edition, it will say that in the description. Commissions are available and licensing an image as a stock image is also available. IF you are interested in a piece please contact me at 954-522-7470 *talk or txt) or you can email me at

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